Cambridge is one of the most beautiful towns in Britain with excellent schools and with much to see and do. It is a safe city famous worldwide for its education and has over 20 permanent language schools to choose from.
Take our website tour to learn about the Cambridge schools, the courses on offer, the kinds of accommodation to stay at, what to do in your free time, where to visit... both in Cambridge and across the UK. Finally, complete the information request form and we will contact you with our recommendations and prices.
But which school? That's where we can help. We can arrange for you a study programme best-suited to your needs, with comfortable accommodation in a convenient location, a varied social life after class and the chance to experience some of the UK's top attractions on our own guided tours. And, all this with a discount on your course and your travel!
Roots Travel also provides travel opportunities for visitors to Cambridge. Each weekend, we offer tours to the UK's finest places for sightseeing and culture: Roots Travel tours
We are specialists of the Cambridge market. We do not offer schools in any other region of the UK. We are independent from the language schools but have great knowledge of each and every one. You will benefit from competitive prices, a simple booking procedure and a Roots representative here to help you during your stay.
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