Arriving in a large group is no problem for Roots. There are several major advantages for groups who use Roots:

Arranging cultural language study tours from overseas can be a real headache. Contact us, explain your requirements and we will do all the legwork for you. Not only that, with our knowledge of Cambridge and all its suppliers, we can deliver you a better experience.
Large groups of students can all attend the same school or be split between several schools to reduce dependency on the group's native language and to increase integration with students of other backgrounds: students will receive a more authentic British experience. We ensure the accommodation supplied is suitable to your needs. Roots operates its own tours and so can guarantee excursions to the destinations of your choice.
Groups of 10 or more students receive a discount of 10% OFF the cost of tuition. There is no fee for arrangement of courses.
If the group has been split across several schools, there must be at least 10 students at each school to qualify for the higher discount, otherwise a 5% discount applies.
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