Your accommodation in Cambridge is very important. To enjoy your visit, you need to feel comfortable wherever you stay.
Schools can arrange homestay accommodation with a local family. Single rooms or shared rooms are available with breakfast and evening meals during the week, and breakfast, lunch and dinner at weekends.
Alternatively, some schools provide residential accommodation. You will live in a block with other students from your school, sharing the kitchen facilities but with your own private bathroom and bedroom. This is a little more expensive than homestay and you need to cook for yourself, but you are more independent. You must be at least 18 years old to choose this option.
We can also provide hotel accommodation, although this is expensive, or self-catering for group leaders or students visiting Cambridge with family who would prefer not to live with British hosts or other students:

Relax in a self-catering cottage for up to 6 people; Elegantly furnished and well-equipped the cottages are only 10 minutes on foot from the historic city centre.

Luxury short-term self-catering accommodation
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