Should I go to the UK? Learning English in Britain is the surest and fastest way to learn the language - it's also the most fun! Not only will you be immersed in the language 24 hours a day but you will also experience authentic British culture.You will meet people from all over the world doing the same as you. Living for a short time in another country is a great experience.

Should I go to Cambridge? Cambridge is unique - there is nowhere else like it. It is a beautiful city popular with people who want to experience authentic Britain, who want a city where there is plenty of atmosphere and things to do, but a place not as crowded, polluted or dangerous as a big city. Cambridge is ideally placed for you to have the peace of a provincial city but close enough to easily visit London, one of the world's most thrilling capital cities. It is cheaper to live in Cambridge, too.
Should I study at a city centre school or somewhere in the outskirts of town? Cambridge is not so big - so don't worry about travelling to and from school. The longest bus ride is no more than 30 minutes. City centre schools make good use of the city's facilities more easily. Generally speaking, the smaller schools are located nearer to the city centre.
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