Homestay? The best, and cheapest, way to learn English is to stay with a British family. Host families provide bed, breakfast and an evening meal. Please remember that you will be living in someone else's house and you should respect their rules. If you have a problem with the homestay tell your school's Accommodation Officer who may be able to help. It is unusual for students to need to change family: a problem today is usually not a problem tomorrow, just a cultural difference!

Residence or hotel? If you prefer more independence, residential accommodation would probably be better for you but it is usually more expensive and you must buy food and cook meals for yourself. Many long-stay students start in a hostfamily and move to residential accommodation after a while. Private apartments, hotels and guesthouses are very expensive.

Is there anything different for group leaders or students travelling with their family? We can arrange for groups of up to 6 people to stay in private holiday cottages in central Cambridge. The traditional Cambridge cottages are beautifully decorated with modern facilities and with their own private, secluded gardens. Luxury short-term accommodation at Cambridge Short-Term Let
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